• Dempsters exclusive 5 Second Spread Pattern Adjustment Distribution Control without Tools
  • 8 Ton (250 cu. ft. capacity) – Stainless Steel Hopper, Tarp Options Available
  • Field Adjustable Row Crop Track: 20”, 30”, and 36” Row Spacing
  • Sliding Walking Beam Suspension on Flotation or Narrow Tread Tires (Option)
  • High & Low Range Live Axle Ground Drive with Totally Enclosed Gear Case
  • Positive Metered Product Flow from Stainless Steel Conveyor System
  • 60’ Spread Pattern with Patented Quick and Easy Distribution Adjustmen

Live Ground Drive Conveyor with 60″, 68″, 70″ and 78″ Adjustable Track Width


Spinner Drives PT0-540-Belt Belt drive safety protection and shielded PTO shaft with 6-spline tractor end for 540 RPM PTO’s
PT0-540/1.000 Belt drive safety protection and shielded PTO shaft with both 6-spline and 21-spline tractor ends to fit either 540 or 1000 RPM PTO’s
Gas Engine Belt drive 9 H.P. Honda gas engine with integral 12V star ter-alternator and starter panel. Battery not included.
Hydraulic Direct mounted spinner disc is set to proper operating speed by hydraulic flow control designed to operate with open or closed center tractor hydraulic systems.
Tires & Rims 1.6.5L X 16.1 10-ply implement rib tires on 8-bolt D.C. 16.1 X 14 implement rims
9.00 X 20 10-ply narrow truck tires on 8-bolt 20 X 7 implement rims
Rims only 16.1 X 14 8-bolt drop center implement rim
Rims only 20 X 7 8-bolt drop center


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